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Instagram: @nanoudupuis

2016-19           Board Member - Curator & Administrator, Alternating Current Artspace, VIC, Australia 
2013                 Nes Opio Hus Artist Residency sponsored by the Australian Council for the Art, Skagastrond, Iceland
2012                 Nihonga Japanese painting residency, one on one workshop and assistant, Judith Kruger Studio, U.S.A
2009-11           Master of Art - Art in Public Space, RMIT University, VIC, Australia 
2011                 Mentor of Abstract Painting, RMIT Public Art Residency, Xian Yang University, China
2002                 Life drawing, Leeds College of Art &Design, U.K
2002-04           Graduate Diploma in History of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Belgium 
1992-93           Graduate Diploma in Interior Architecture Design ST Luc University, Belgium 
2001                 16th century church restoration Commissioned for the Belgian Royal estate, Houyet, Belgium
1989-92           Bachelor's Degree in fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Belgium 
1988-89           Undergraduate in Graphic Design - Screen printing - Photography, IATA, Belgium 


2022                 Mosman Art prize 2022 finalist, Mosman Art gallery, NSW, Australia 
2022-18           Linden New Art Postcard, 2021-2022 Abstract encouragement Award recipient, Art Award finalist, VIC, Australia 
2021-17           St Kevin Award finalist, VIC Australia 
2017-15           Bayside Award finalist, VIC, Australia 
2016-15           M Collection Award finalist, Gallerysmith, VIC, Australia 
2015                 Muswellbrook Award finalist, NSW, Australia 
2013-14           Grant recipient from the Australian Council for the Arts, Australia 
2013                 Award finalist, Lethbridge Gallery NSW, Australia       
2012                 Artecycle Award finalist, Incinerator Gallery, VIC, Australia 
2011                 TOK H Award recipient, Toorak Sculpture Show, VIC, Australia 
2011                 RMIT Common Thread Award recipient, VIC, Australia 
1998 to 2004   First prize Award recipient in Painting, Drawing and Graphic design, Academy of Fine Arts, Belgium 

2022                 Belgian Embassy, Canberra, ACT, Australia
2021-2022       Five Walls Gallery, Footscray, VIC, Australia
2022                 Blackcat Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia

2018-19           Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor, VIC, Australia
2017                 Access Gallery, Bayside Brighton Townhall, VIC, Australia 
2017-18           Black Cat Gallery, Collingwood & Fitzroy, VIC, Australia 
2016-17           Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor, VIC, Australia  
2016                 Gallerysmith Project space, VIC, Australia 
2016                 Rubicon Ari, North Melbourne, VIC Australia 
2015                 Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy Melbourne, Australia 
2014                 The Space, Flinders Lane Gallery VIC, Australia 
2012                 Judith Kruger Studio, Nihonga Abstract, Savannah, U.S.A 


2022                Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne, Australia
2022                Traffic Jam galleries, Sydney, NSW, Australia

2016-21          Alternating Current Art Space, Melbourne, Australia 
2020                Project space Linden New Art gallery, Melbourne, Australia 
2019                Satellite Projects, Ryne, Melbourne, Australia 
2019                28 Beasts, Maghull St, Brunswick East 
2018                Red Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia 
2018                This Wild song project, Gallerysmith, North Melbourne, Australia 
2017-18          Dirty Dozen Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 
2017-18          Westend Gallery, West Melbourne, Australia 
2017                Project 17, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne Australia 
2016                STK Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 
2016                C3 Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne 
2013                Nes Studio, Opio Hus, Public Art Installation, Iceland 
2011                Xian yang University Gallery, Shanxi, China 
2011                First Site Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 
2011                Toorak Sculpture Show, Diverting figures, Melbourne, Australia 
2011                Fisher Jeffries Gallery, Adelaide Fringe festival SA, Australia 
2011                Adelaide Fringe festival Public Art installation, Adelaide Railway station SA, Australia 
2010                Winter Art Projection commissioned by the Dandenong City Council, VIC, Australia 
2010                Public Art installation commissioned by the Dandenong City Council, VIC, Australia 
2008                Art Melbourne, Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia 
2006                Magill Art Gallery, Adelaide, SA, Australia 
2002                Granary Wharf Gallery, Leeds, U.K 
2002                Pool Court, Leeds, U.K 
2001                Rive Gauche Gallery, Namur, Belgium 
2001                ART FOR YOU Gallery, Namur, Belgium


Private and corporate collections throughout Europe, U.K, Asia, Iceland, U.S.A, Canada, Quebec, South America, and Australia


'This Wild Song Project', Portraits of Australian female artists by Ilona B Nelson


Essay by Jake Treacy, curator of 'Oracular Vernacular C3 Gallery, VIC, Melbourne

Art Edit: Issue #31 & Issue #32
Art Collector: 

SBS TV Video, 2012 Artecycle exhibition featuring my ‘Public Matter’ installation made of Newspaper

Project 17 Radical Immanence group show, Anna Pappas Gallery, VIC, Australia

RTL - National Belgian television feature: Art for you 2001
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